CERReV – Study and Research Centre for Assessing Risks and Vulnerability

The CERReV studies environmental risks by developing a socio-anthropological and socio-economic approach to the position of local stakeholders and the conflict of uses along the littoral: social and economic profiles, representative studies, attitudes and behaviour, and historic and social perspectives, informing and conducting group debates, and assisting the stakeholders through the changes on the five French sites.

The CERReV must provide:

–          A complete inventory of the stakeholders involved and the conflicts on the French sites

–          Socio-economic and environmental profiles of the sites and what is at stake for the stakeholders

–          A prospective approach to the position of the local stakeholders depending on the stakes identified at each site

–          A historic and social perspective providing information and conducting group debates

–          Assisting the stakeholders through the changes and producing information for what needs to be done