CSLN – Normandy Coast Group

Cellule de Suivi du Littoral Normand The CSLN tries to understand the modification of habitats within the framework of climate change: what could be the possible effects on certain fish populations and the consequences for the features of habitats in evolution? What measures concerning climate change should be adopted? What would be the recommended management strategies to optimise (or not) the ecological features of the habitats?

In addition to the Franco-British exchanges, these objectives are spread over three “workshop” sites in varied contexts:

-Veys Bay and the Orne estuary where there are localised “depolderisation” projects sited in protected territories.

-The Saâne Valley, a small coastal river not well connected to the sea, that could be affected by a global project to go from system A (sea defences) to a system B (managed realignment creating an estuary and re-establishing the gradients that characterise this type of system).