LiCCo A-level Learning Pack

9 Mar

Following on from the successful primary and secondary learning packs, our A Level Geography learning and teaching programme, published in February 2015, provides both continuity and progression with these existing resources. It has been designed with a number of key objectives in mind. As a relevant and comprehensive case study of the impact of physical and human coastal processes, the implications of climate change and environmental management responses it will contribute to delivering a wide range of ‘Coasts’ content requirements across all examination specifications. Secondly, it has been written in the form of a research task involving fieldwork to investigate a hypothesis which can be used both to model the research process required for individual enquiries or be used as a whole group exercise if desired. The investigation is entirely self-supporting and so offers teachers considerable flexibility in terms of its use. For example, students could work through the investigation independently or alternatively teachers may wish to deliver some of the programme in a more formal and structured way.

Above all the LiCCo team hopes that this new resource will assist you in your teaching to enable young people to understand the key issues surrounding coastal change and to appreciate the process by which coastal managers respond to the challenges which arise in the short, medium and long term. The coastal managers of tomorrow are studying A Level Geography today.

We would be delighted to hear feedback from you after using these resources, so please get in touch using the contact details below.

Important Information for schools wishing to visit Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve:
Please be aware that Dawlish Warren NNR is a highly protected and sensitive site for wildlife. Teignbridge District Council welcome schools that wish to visit, but would ask that you let them know when you intend to visit (01626 863980) to ensure that there are no conflicts with other groups or their management work on site. The site rangers offer an education service to primary, secondary and university groups studying the site. Thank you.

CONTACT INFO: For a copy of the A level DVD please contact the Exe Estuary Officer at