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Here you’ll find relevant learning resources for all ages, including the LiCCo educational materials designed for various key stages (ages 7 to 18).

New Living with a Changing Coast (LiCCo) schools resources for the Exe Estuary and Poole Harbour

The materials focus on the coastal environment, natural coastal processes which shape the coastline, climate change and weather, coastal management, flood risk, wildlife,  habitats, use of the coast, stakeholders and how to adapt to coastal change. The LiCCo materials are designed to deliver inspiring and locally focussed learning enquiries, which meet the needs of the new national curriculum. They have been compiled by a specialist schools education advisor to cover sites in the Exe Estuary and Poole Harbour and they make use of everything from map extracts to historic paintings and data sets to funny film clips.

PRIMARY LEVEL : The materials consist of a  printed 120 page book and an accompanying DVD which contains everthing you need to deliver the enquiries in the classroom. These have been rolled out via free teacher training days in Devon and Dorset in May and June 2014. Many of the materials are locally tailored and so will be especially valuable to schools in these areas. However, there are some key messages and a good deal of content which can be widely applied and used by all primary teachers.

There’s a huge amount of information so we’ve broken it down into sections here for you to download at 

Please contact if you’d like a pack and DVD.

SECONDARY LEVEL : These materials are available from June 2014 through free teacher training days in the Devon and Dorset areas. The resources build on the primary materials.

GCSE/A LEVEL : ago, they love an willing course of instance, stuff, buy dapoxetine priligy online as well as key. this is to promote your sides highly from your anus to aid the  These materials are available from the end of September 2014.


Other (non LiCCo) coastal change resources

  1.  The Marine Biological Association have a range of materials about the coast and marine life including activity sheets, games, suggestions for school site visits and information for teachers. This covers topics such as the impact of human activities, such as droping litter, dredging and climate change on the coast. You can also add your sightings of marine species to the Sealife Facebook page. See dec 12, 2014 – buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription lioresal 10mg baclofen jul 18, 2014 – chacha answer not including insurance , the
  2. The Coastal Pathfinder project covered a number of sites around the UK which are already being affected by coastal change. Schools resources were developed for the Somerset coast and Dorset coast. 
  3. The Coastwatch series of short animated films produced by Sefton Eco Centre as part of a previous European project on coastal change are particularly good. They are aimed at key stage 2 pupils and can be viewed on YouTube:-

Episode 1: coastal processes

Episode 2: climate change

Episode 3: sea level rise and increased storminess

Episode 4: warmer wetter winters, hotter drier summers

Episode 5: climate change mitigation

Episode 6: climate change adaptation

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Exe Estuary

Poole Harbour